Faith In Action

January 2021

Jan 25

Stewards value resources

There was a woman living in a region plagued by drought. For several years, rainfall had been scarce, but days had burned sunny and hot. Winds further dried the landscape. The soil grew parched. The earth blistered and cracked. Reservoirs shrunk. Stream beds turned to dust. Crops withered, dried and died. Gardens disappeared. As the drought...
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Jan 18

How to find signs of hope

Sometimes it seems easy to find examples of injustice: unfair treatment of people and disregard for their inherent dignity as human beings. We feel powerless to do anything that can make a difference. While we should not turn a blind eye to injustice in our neighborhoods, cities or workplace, perhaps we might also become attentive to the signs...
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Jan 11

Work is intrinsic to Catholic stewardship

“Work is a fundamental aspect of the human vocation. It is necessary for human happiness and fulfillment. It is intrinsic to responsible stewardship of the world.”  — Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response U.S. Catholic bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship When you meet somebody new, do you find yourself...
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Jan 4

Come to grips with gratitude

There once was a businessman who enjoyed great success. His work demanded much of him. He worked long hours and many weekends. Yet the man had a sense of charity. Strapped for time, he regularly contributed cash to various causes. Each year, the businessman donated money to his parish, his archdiocese, a local soup kitchen, a gathering place for...
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