Faith In Action

March 2023

Mar 20

Trust leads to connection with God

There is a deep connection between placing our trust in God and our capacity to live as good stewards. Ultimately, being a steward is a way of life that teaches us to always remember that God is the source of all we are, have and will be. Yet it is amazing how easily trust in ourselves can creep in: “I simply don’t have any time to...
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Mar 13

A grace-filled moment

A man came to his teacher and said: “Teacher, when I was a child I felt very close to God. Now that I am older, it seems as if God has left me, or perhaps it is I who have left. In either case, I feel far away from God. I am not sure what to do.” The teacher answered him: “When you teach a child to walk, at first you stand very...
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Mar 6

Place your trust in God

Frank stood in his empty office and all he could think to do was pray. His carpentry business had done well until the economic downturn, and then, like many, he found projects and income steadily decreasing. As the difficult months wore on, Frank realized he had few options open to him. He sold his tools and equipment and gave his small team of...
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Faith In Action

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