Commitment to charity

St. Vincent de Paul (c. 1580-1660), known for devoting time and energy to helping the poor, said: “But do you know what it is to labor in charity? It is to labor in God, for God is charity, and it is to labor for God purely and entirely; it is to do so in the grace of God.” His feast day is Sept. 27.

Be reasonable, but challenge yourself to keep the perspective of faith as you order your life. Make a commitment to be more intentional in your use of your time, talent and material resources.

  • What activities fill your days that are really unnecessary or perhaps even destructive?
  • Who needs your time in service or companionship?
  • What talents lie unrecognized or undeveloped in your life?
  • Who could help you discover your God-given talents?
  • What do you feel called to do that you have never done?
  • What material or financial resources do you waste?

Something to talk about

In what ways does your faith guide your decisions about the way you act, how you share your resources, and the ways in which you find meaning in life?

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