Give it to God

September seems to accelerate: Days shorten. We tend to pick up pace heading into the holiday season, which often grows even more frantic. Our to-do lists lengthen. Our minds grow full.

And, often, our peace of mind gets shoved by the wayside as we take up worry, stress and agitation. Sometimes, we forget God’s omnipotence. Sometimes, we remember only our own burdens, our own weaknesses. Sometimes we focus on our own responsibilities — and they are many, granted.

Try this: Create a God Jar. The concept is simply to designate a container into which you surrender your fears, troubles and pains. The simple act of writing down a problem and dropping the slip of paper into the God Jar signifies trust in the Lord.

Of course, you might also add your hopes, prayer intentions and gratitude list to your God Jar, too.

This article comes to you from Grace In Action (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese.


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