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There were twin sisters who had the same appearance, but very different attitudes. One sister wanted always to stay within her comfort zone. She never registered for classes or workshops because she did not like feeling like a beginner. She wanted to do everything well, and she felt ashamed and inadequate if she could not do everything perfectly, so she limited herself. This sister lived in fear of the possibility of embarrassing herself. At the same time, she regretted all the opportunities she had passed up due to her inhibitions.

She wanted to go away to camp, but she was sure she’d get homesick. She once had been invited to sing in a choir, but she felt to shy to sing at the tryouts. She had always longed to serve as a lector at liturgies in her parish, but she felt too intimidated to get up and read in front of people. She admired people who turned cartwheels, but she was too afraid to try. This young woman’s world shrunk around her, and every day she questioned the meaning of her life.

The other sister signed up for courses that piqued her interest. She enjoyed meeting new people, experiencing unfamiliar places, trying new things. This sister enjoyed being a student. She relaxed into the role of the beginner, and she learned to laugh at herself when she made mistakes. By trying new things, she gained a great deal of compassion for beginners. The world felt large and full of unlimited potential, and her only regret was that she would not have enough hours in this lifetime to pursue all her interests.

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