Sowing seeds: Surrender into stewardship

“It is harder today to accept the challenge of being a Christian steward.”
— Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response
U.S. Catholic bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship

There are, seemingly, two types of people: Those who tend to rise to the occasion and accept challenges; and those who typically collapse during trials and tribulations. Challenges are easier met when we remember to place our trust in Divine Providence rather than in our own strength. Part of living as a Catholic steward entails a surrender to God’s plan — even in confusing times such as these, when wars divide the world and natural disasters plague the planet and God’s name is invoked by many people for many reasons — some of which run contrary to our own religious beliefs. The challenges of this new day and this new year loom large. Aworld that honors and shares God’s gifts charitably is a world in which justice and peace can prevail.

Do you tend to embrace or shun challenge? What would make it easier to accept the challenge of Catholic stewardship?

This article comes to you from Grace In Action (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese.

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