Summer, prayer and pilgrimage

Don’t let a summer break or vacation be more stressful than restorative. Approach this season as a pilgrimage, rendering the experience more spiritual and more sanctifying.

Take simple steps to elevate your summer to a journey toward deeper love with one another and with Jesus Christ:

  • Start or end each day by blessing one another. Children can bless their parents, each other, or friends as well as parents blessing their children. Here is one idea:

Make the Sign of the Cross on the person’s forehead and pray one of these blessings:

May God the Father bless you.
May God the Son be with you;
May God the Holy Spirit keep you safe. Amen.

God be in your heart. Amen.

May God bless and protect you. Amen.

  • Choose a prayer intention for the summer. It can be something big like “for an end to violence around the world” or something closer to home like “that I may see Christ in the people I meet each day.”

This article comes to you from Grace In Action (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese.


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