Faith In Action

September 2021

Sep 27

Meet the archangels

Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are named as the three archangels in Scripture. Each with their own mission — Michael protects, Gabriel announces and Raphael guides — their feast day is Sept. 29. Learn more about the archangels as a family: ST. MICHAEL is the leader of all of the archangels and is in charge of protection, courage,...
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Sep 20

Commitment to charity

St. Vincent de Paul (c. 1580-1660), known for devoting time and energy to helping the poor, said: “But do you know what it is to labor in charity? It is to labor in God, for God is charity, and it is to labor for God purely and entirely; it is to do so in the grace of God.” His feast day is Sept. 27. Be reasonable, but challenge...
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Sep 13

Give it to God

September seems to accelerate: Days shorten. We tend to pick up pace heading into the holiday season, which often grows even more frantic. Our to-do lists lengthen. Our minds grow full. And, often, our peace of mind gets shoved by the wayside as we take up worry, stress and agitation. Sometimes, we forget God’s omnipotence. Sometimes, we...
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Sep 6

Live every day of your life

There were twin sisters who had the same appearance, but very different attitudes. One sister wanted always to stay within her comfort zone. She never registered for classes or workshops because she did not like feeling like a beginner. She wanted to do everything well, and she felt ashamed and inadequate if she could not do everything...
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